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Be a positive Lebanese

Here at Light FM, we believe in a bright future for Lebanon, thanks to all you bright, successful Lebanese, in the country, and all around the world.

And we need your help with shedding light on the many positive Lebanese individuals, everywhere on our planet.

If you know any successful businessman, engineer, architect, musician, painter, actress, producer, adman, doctor, scientist... any successful Lebanese, fill out the Positive Lebanon form below, and we might host your candidate for an interview on Positive Lebanon, to share their story and inspire all our listeners and followers.

We want you to nominate YOUR Positive Lebanese. It could be your father, daughter, uncle, your partner, your friend, your mentor… 

Tell us their story, and we’ll share it with everyone in Positive Lebanon every Wednesdays at 5pm (Beirut time), on Jammin’ with Mia.

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